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Electrical Environment Systems

Electrical Environment Systems

Electrical Engineering

Electrical environment components

Complete range of surge protection. Components for protection against radiated and conducted fields.

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Electrical environment systems

Boxes, cabinets and rooms for interference-free electrical environments. System solutions for protection against interference from low-frequency magnetic fields.

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About electrical environments

Disturbances in our electrical environment can cause damage to electronics and machinery and – in the worst-case scenario – present a hazard to humans.

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Good electrical environments provide safety and peace of mind

Disruptive electromagnetic fields are an invisible threat in our world. Radiated and conducted disturbances can cause degradation or damage to electronics and – in the worst-case scenario – present a danger to humans.

KAMIC EMC is one of the market’s leading players in perimeter protection solutions. For nearly thirty years, we have been developing a range of quality components to meet any conceivable requirement from both the military and civil sectors.

Our success is due to several factors. Individually, or as components in complete systems, we offer the strongest products on the market. With experience, extensive expertise and enormous commitment, we can also guarantee the right products at the right grades for each application.

KAMIC EMC - part of KAMIC Installation

The KAMIC Group has implemented extensive changes in 2018.

KAMIC EMC is a part of KAMIC Installation, the part in the business area that specializes in electrical insulation, electrical environment and sensing and control.

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For almost thirty years we have been developing into a leading supplier of EMC solutions for both military and civil sector use. Our success is due to several factors...

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